Monday, June 20, 2011

Deep and Meaningful?

Well I've been quite flat out lately but It's time to write on my blog! Work full time is flat out and it doesn't leave me much time to create. But I've had quite a few adventures over the last week or so!

To start it all off I had a ball meeting some lovely new people at the judging of Miss Pin Up Australia live heats down at Tweed Seagulls on the 10th of June. The contestants were also simply stunning! Such grace, poise, wonderful pin up posing and outfits! It is so wonderful to see vintage outfits and girls embracing what they have been given. There were lots of hard decisions to be made, but at the same time judging was just too much fun! There were lovely highlights I will remember forever. Here are some pictures.

I also had the pleasure to finally make it up to The Collective Store in Wynnum. Much to my Sat Nav's annoyance. I don't even know if I should buy one after it took me to a completely wrong address and added an hour to my trip after work... not to mention the wasted fuel! It was exactly like an advert on TV recently where it says to go straight ahead into water... well I ended up somewhere near a beach... not happy Jan! I don't care if you tell me 'you have reached your destination' that was not the address I typed in at the start!

Enough on that rant... The Collective Store has so many wonderful handmade goodies I didn't know where to look! I also got to drop in some resin jewellery. Will be great to see how that goes in store.

In other news I am slowly preparing stock for Greazefest in Rocklea on the 7th of August. I am sharing a stall with Journal Addiction. It should be a great day filled with markets, hot rods and pin ups! And food... I'm going to need that while I'm up there!


  1. Hi emma I've somehow lost your email, can you pls re-send, ta

  2. I missed out on the Up Late night coz my partner and I were at the hospital:(((. What a shame I missed you, I would love to have met you!! The pin up comp looks amazing!!! You got some great pics Miss McSweetie!! xo

  3. Oh No! Hope all is well Desiree. Next time! Would have loved to meet you. The pics I took from a few friends on facebook. Judging and photographing is a skill I am yet to master. xx