Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dead Gorgeous Hair & Makeup Styling

Hello fans! To kick off 2013 we have another wonderful interview for you!

Love pin up hair and make up? Well this post is for you. If you are on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, that's even better!

Introducing the wonderful Bree from Dead Gorgeous Hair and Makeup Styling...

When did you discover the world of Pin Up?
When I was a kid I'd watch a lot of old movies with my nan. I fell on love with the grace, beauty and femininity of the Hollywood starlets.

What inspired you to start DG?
Having done my hair and makeup for all my pinup shoots, I found I loved getting ready just as much as the shoot itself. So I figured why not do it for others then I'd get to play with hair and makeup more often.

What is your favourite product that you have up for grabs?
My fave would definitely be the powder foundations. I've worn mineral foundation for last 10yrs and swear by it. DG cosmetics is even better than the bare minerals I used to wear, so much lighter and more comfortable to wear plus it gives great coverage and has SPF15.

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Who are your Pin Up icons?
I definitely look up to Doris Day. She never gave in to Hollywood pressure to become a sex symbol. She stuck to her guns and stayed wholesome. I admire her strength to stay true to herself.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a hairdresser like my mum, but when it came time to sign up for a TAFE course I chickened out. I wanted to be Frenchie all my childhood...I still do!

What are your favourite Pin Up themes?
I do love cheesecake pinup, but prefer to put a lil twist on things. For example when doing the housewife look, maybe a sneaky martini in one hand or a butchers knife... just to give the viewer something to think about (or a giggle).

What would be your ideal place to holiday?
I'd absolutely love to go to New York between Autumn and Winter and see Central Park just like it is in all my fave movies. Then of course onto Broadway.

You're a Pin Up with tattoos. What has the reaction been to your style and do you have a favourite tattoo?
The reactions been mostly positive, however you'll always get someone who doesn't like them but their opinion is just that THEIRS. I think there's two distinct groups of pinups, you have your, what I like to call, true vintage pinups who dress in a more traditional way and have NO tattoos. Then you have your modern pinup who's style leans more towards rockabilly and HAS tattoos... usually several. I definitely fit into the second group, I LOVE traditional vintage but also LOVE my tattoos.

I adore all of my tattoos and most have a very special meaning behind them, but my favourite is DEFINITELY Frenchie on my right thigh done by the incredible Joe at Scorpian Tattoo in North Lakes. It's a portrait of her with pink hair, below her are a curling iron and a can of hairspray, and above is a banner that reads "Beauty School Dropout". Grease has been one of my fave movies since I was tiny, and being a hair and makeup artist now it just seemed perfect.

Sugar skulls are a wonderful part of your hair and make-up courses. What drew you to this?
I find skulls beautiful and have always been drawn to them. To me they symbolise life, and sugar skulls represent this, too. They come from a Mexican tradition Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which celebrates the lives of loved ones who have passed away. People give each other skulls made of sugar that have been decorated beautifully with icing, sequins, glitter etc and also lay them as an offering at the grave of their lost loved ones. I think this is a gorgeous tradition and found a lot women wanted to know how to do their makeup like a sugar skull. The classes are always super fun, there's lots of lollies, colour, laughs and everyone gets a photo at the end to show off. 

Do you have any words of wisdom for designers, models and anyone new to the Pin Up scene?
Research, practice and enjoy. Let your creative side come out and let your look reflect your personality.

When is your next Sundae School Pinup Class?
I'm still waiting to hear back from the venue, so the date hasn't been confirmed yet. But the classes will be getting a slight facelift this year. I will be splitting the class in two. The first class will be only makeup, we'll focus on achieving a vintage pinup look using minimal products (just like Nanna did), and the second class will be hair only. I've found there's a lot of girls who can do one or the other (or neither) and so I decided to split them up so they can attend the class they need the most, or both! Each class will be $30pp or if you book in for the two it's $50pp. I love teaching my Sundae's School Pinup Classes, it's kind of like my happy place.

Thank you to the lovely Bree for chatting to us!

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