Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Creative Odyssey...

Thanks to Jess from Epheriell Designs for starting the Blog Hop! It has been wonderful to read the goals and ambitions of like minded crafters over the last two weeks. With over 40 Blogs to hop through daily it has been fun. My fellow blogger for today is Moags & Smeet - lots of gorgeous jewels over that way so check them out!

Last night was the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets. It was my first market in Brisbane and with the group. I was madly making stock this week as most of my stock has been sold over Christmas or at The Collective Store in Wynnum! Here are some images from the night. I had a Coop spot to test how Miss Rockabilly would sell. 

Two Thousand and Ten... it was a whirlwind for the development of Miss Rockabilly. Many years ago I started my crafting dream with Noogal Creations - handmade feather jewellery, and not too long ago I stumbled across the Rockabilly and Pin Up culture. I was so inspired by the art of Gil Elvgren that I decided to make my own brand, which is how Miss Rockabilly came about. There are a few things that have also pushed me to launch MR - 1. Cheap China imports and how I loathe them, 2. Inspiring the mindset of young women -  taking on the values and style of women in the 1950s and buying handmade.
Noogal Creations - Marbled Feather Earrings

Miss Rockabilly - Pin Up Girl Hair Bow

Miss Rockabilly’s goals for the new year:

Launch the Miss Rockabilly clothing range
This won't be the easiest of tasks as I am a self taught sewer, but I have been slowly collecting some original 50s patterns for dresses and other items. I want to be able to introduce unique one-off pieces to the market inspired by everything Pin Up and Rockabilly. The main issue I can see that may arise when launching the MR clothing range will be Price. This is all a matter of changing the attitude of women to buy something individual and unique and not mass produced. Because the Pin Up and Rockabilly culture is so exclusive there is always a chance at an event that you will be wearing the same thing as someone else which is why I am excited to launch once I have sewn a few more items. Here is one style I am working on with a nautical twist!
Expand Miss Rockabilly product lines
In order to distinguish Miss Rockabilly further I want to add various product lines that incorporate MR designs. At present I specialise in Hair Accessories and Jewellery, next year I will be launching clothing and part of this I want to include some MR design t-shirts, promotional buttons, art prints and more goodies. Once I have a strong range of products I will look into web design etc. Right now Facebook, Etsy and Markets are my main outlets!

Participate in more Rockabilly Events & Markets
At the moment I have tried local Markets - Broadbeach Art and Craft as well as the BrisStyle Twilight markets. In 2011 I will be trying Wintersun, Camperdown Cruise and Greazefest - all Rockabilly and Pin Up specific.  I did want to attend the Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo, Autumn Fest and Bright Rockabilly but they are all one week after another in March. When working full time, it is hard to get the time to make stock and attend interstate events every weekend so I will need to space 2011 and test to see what events work for Miss Rockabilly.

In 2010 I started MR with the launch of the Miss Pin Up Australia competition. I competed as Miss Marilyn McSweetie in Queensland. Since then I have also participated in the Pin Up Competition for the Gold Coast Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular in November.  Using my Pin Up identity I have met some wonderful Pin Up Girls along the way and have made valuable networks and hope to do more in the future but 2011 will be the year for product growth and world domination!

With love...
Marilyn xx

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    New Market Stock - Come on Friday and Have a look!

    Miss Rockabilly has some fantastic new Tattoo Art hair accessories available at the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets in King George Square this Friday night. Here are a few new product teasers... Thanks to Wicked Minky for her wonderful hand painted tattoo art designs! They really make wonderful hair clips!

    Monday, December 13, 2010

    Get your Last Minute Christmas Gifts from the Brisbane Twilight Markets

    If you are in Brisbane this Friday the 17th of December, be sure to stop by King George Square and have a look at all the handmade goodies on offer! The BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets will be on in full force. Click on the link to see some examples of sellers attending!

    What a perfect time to get those last minute Christmas Ideas and Stocking Stuffers. Miss Rockabilly and Noogal Creations will be launching a new designs, many are one-offs so be sure to get in quick and grab a bargain and unique piece of jewellery or hair accessory!

    See you there!

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    50s Best Dressed Competition

    If you use Facebook, please head over to this link to vote for my picture in the best dressed 50s competition. The winner gets tickets to Wintersun 2011! Just 'like' and comment on my image... that's it!

    Friday, December 3, 2010

    Style Collective - Rockabilly Fashion Collection

    Have a look at this article on Style Collective. I was approached by the wonderful Amanda to create a Pin Up inspired collection for their website. Everything you see here can be bought in Australia so if you are into the 1950s style... it's worth a look! Sign up online for all the latest fashion trends.

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Pin Up Boudoir - for glamourous Pin Up Fashion in Australia

    If you haven't already checked out Pin Up Boudoir, have a look at their website and competitive prices for Pin Up and Rockabilly clothing and accessories in Australia!

    Recently, Pin Up Boudoir created a 2011 calendar for their range of stock and I was one of the lucky ones that got to participate. Here is just a sneak peak of one image that Faleisha took from JMP Studios.

    The dress Marilyn McSweetie is wearing in this image is an Avondale Swing Dress by Bettie Page.

    More images and where to buy the calendar coming soon!