Monday, January 31, 2011

Miss Pin Up Australia 2011

Well it was a big first year of the Miss Pin Up Australia competition! It was wonderful to be able to compete for the first time in front of an audience, conquer my singing fear in front of a crowd and experience what it is to be a Pin Up. Here are some highlights and gorgeous outfits from the 2011 finals at Surf and Ink at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. To view the full gallery visit my Miss Rockabilly facebook page -

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Collective Store

If you are from Brisbane or the Gold Coast you will be happy to know the Collective Store in Wynnum is full of handmade crafts that have been created by locals... Their website is now up and running so have a look! I'm also the first to be featured! Thank you to the wonderful Leonie!

New Directions...

Well the new plans for 2011 are going well! I have started drawing again and can't believe I stopped. It is just such a wonderful hobby and whenever I have a second I love to scribble! So far I have drawn up a few pin up girls inspired from 50s artists. I have finished one and started on my second... My second has been hampered a little by my dog deciding to fall asleep on her! But she will look brilliant in a few days!

I am also working on my first 1950s pencil dress. It is going to be amazing. It has been fun to try to follow the pattern. There has been a little unpicking but most has run smoothly! It is just about finding that balance between work and hobby time!

I will try to upload my pin up girls and dress progress pics next week! Everything is flowing nicely.