About Marilyn McSweetie

After much convincing from my friend to enter Miss Pin Up Australia 2010, Marilyn McSweetie emerged and so too the journey to create Miss Rockabilly.

I first discovered pin up and rockabilly a few years ago from admiring the art of Gil Elvgren. I've always been a crafter, making jewellery and accessories since I was 13 and this new culture I stumbled upon opened my eyes to endless possibilities. I strive to always be better and grow my product range and also love to bring that to life with pin up photoshoots and meeting new models, make up artists and photographers.

I’m impatient which is both a blessing and a curse. I rush headlong into my ideas and want it all to happen over night but the best thing about it… you have to be ambitious and go and get what you want. The world won’t wait for you. The quicker the better I say.

I’m a perfectionist in everything I do. Nothing is ever good enough and I am constantly critiquing myself and need to learn to let things go. I'm indecisive at times and I blame that on my star sign.