Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Get The Ultimate In Perfect Eyebrows

Check out Candice DeVille's latest blog on how to create perfect vintage eyebrows!

Something I must do! I admire her taking photos while getting waxed at the same time. Now that is talent!

Personally, I've always had thick eyebrows and thanks to the advice and experience of my mum, I'm going to keep them that way. I want to still have some hairs there and with a shape when I'm 50. I think the next step for me though is getting them refined and getting rid of the 'fluff'. Thanks Candice!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ahoy Sailor! Nautical Fashion is all the rage!

Since it's one of my favourite trends over the last year and seems to be hanging around I thought I'd share my bit about the resurgence of nautical fashion!

As much as stripes can be downright scary to wear there are many nautical options for a lazy summer's day! It’s autumn here in Australia but currently we are having very hot days… it must be a catch up from all our rain the last few months.

Nautical can be pulled off by anyone! When I think nautical I don’t just think stripes I think of France, Vintage, Red, White, Blue! The brilliant thing about this fashion trend is that it's so versatile and you can play it up or down for any occasion. In the image below I have selected a few items which give off a nautical flair and most are handmade and found on Etsy! I just love supporting handmade as well as finding quirky, vintage and different items to promote.
For the daring... why not try bold spaced stripes in a dress? This option is from Pyxus Passion Project. Bold spaced stripes can help ward off the fashion police. Bold spaced stripes show off your curves in a different light compared to close horizontal stripes which make you look instantly wider.

Nautical trends have been around for a long time and the great thing about fashion fads and phases, means that it will never go out of style if you have the right collection. Even seen in a 1950s swimsuit advertisement, nautical shines through.  Speaking of swimsuits and the beach, I also found this lovely beach bag tote in red and white from Bayan Hippo

And if you are convinced that nautical themed fashion hasn't been around all that long, have a look at Marilyn Monroe. She pulled off stripes in casual wear and nautical inspired outfits at the beach!

Thinking of trying nautical but not so traditional? How about a Navy jumpsuit. Inspired by 1960s fashion, you can find one of these unique pieces from Miss Hussy Clothing. I also found these gorgeous vintage suede navy shoes that would compliment all nautical outfits! Have a look at Becky Drolen.

To accessorize in nautical think sailors, ships, swallows and anchors! I found a cute swallow necklace from Oh Deer as well as an anchor hair clip and earring set by myself - Miss Rockabilly.

Lastly… don’t forget how lovely this image is… and it’s thanks to Mandolin Goose and their gorgeous robin’s egg blue frames. Take nautical into your home and lifestyle with these pretty frames!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shop Vintage!

Well I've been meaning to... and I'm glad I did! Over the weekend I popped in to Kitty's Vintage & Kitsch on Tamborine Mountain. That's right, Gold Coast and Brisbane followers... If you love vintage this gorgeous shop is a destination of choice for you!

I picked up 2 wonderful 1950s vintage outfits and the lovely Sue couldn't be more helpful! I can't wait to put them on and hit the town. When I get a chance I will post some images. But in the meantime, head to 97 Main Western Road, Mount Tamborine and have a peek or stay up to date with all the new arrivals on their blog!

Don't forget this weekend is the Vintage Fashion Fair in Brisbane. I'm sure there will be lots of wonderful finds! See you there!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If I wasn't being creative...

I think I would die. There is just something about creating that not only takes away the daily grind for me, it is the greatest sense of accomplishment and brings a smile to my face

And I am definitely a Right Brained person. Here is a quick test to find out what you are. Are you Left or Right?
  • I love finding new ways of doing things and improving my product range. Sometimes I have that many new ideas I don't know where to start!
  • I believe if I can create something I love, chances are someone else will adore it too!
  • Sometimes I do things purely with my heart and sometimes the business side can get a bit lost.

Are you a creative? What do you love doing the most that makes you happy?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vintage Clothing - What to look for and where!

I came across this lovely article posted by Circa Vintage Clothing and thought I would share it with you.

Have a read. It is a great insight into what to look for when searching for vintage clothing.

The resurgence of the 1950s and 60s fashion is also well on its way. This can be seen through cult programs like Mad Men. I have also noticed there is a growing interest in the Pin Up industry in Australia due to increased competitions, interest in Hot Rods, and photographers embracing the 'classic' and 'sexy' image of a woman by reinventing artists' work such as Gil Elvgren and pin up icons of the 20s-60s.

Finally! Here is another way to reach out and tell modern women to embrace their curves and appearance as they are a blessing! No matter what you age, size or appearance you can be a glamourous pin up girl. All it takes is the right dose of charm, sophistication and a little attitude!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Giveaway

Head over to Craft Gossip for your chance to win a set of mini nautical hair bows and pin up girl pendant! Craft Gossip has many ongoing giveaways from handmade crafters and industry news so check them out!