Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Feature - Hungry Designs & Giveaway

Every month I will be showcasing local talent - pin ups, crafters, shops - you name it.

My first feature is with the amazing Amanda from Hungry Designs. I have watched her business grow over the years and admired her journey. She is not only very talented, but also such a kind soul. 

You can also enter her giveaway! Read more below.

Tell us a bit about Hungry Designs...

Hungry Designs started when I was at university.  I studied Illustration & Printmaking in Scotland and while in my final year, I created a line of screenprinted tees under the fake brand "Hungry Designs".  After completing my Honours Degree, I really fell out of love with drawing and took my creative side in a different direction, and started making trinket and charm jewellery.  Friends and family encouraged me to sell my accessories at local markets and events.

In 2009, I moved back to Australia to be with my family, bring my now-husband Colin with me.  Here I was encouraged to start to draw again.  Reluctantly I started illustrating designs at local events and markets that I attended and the response was fantastic.  The trinket and charm jewellery started to take a back seat as I started to take Hungry Designs in a completely new direction.  

I have so many themes and collections, I think this was a subconscious decision, my first collection of wearable art designs was a massive range.  An umbrella girl, zombie, day of the dead girl and a voodoo girl.  I think from there I always knew that Hungry Designs would have something for everyone, for all tastes and age groups.

When did you discover you had an artistic talent?

I have always doodled and drawn and art was always my favourite subject at school.  So I think I always knew that I would study art and design.  I just didn't know that art would consume my life and I would have my own small business based solely on my illustrations.  *grin*

What is your favourite creation to date?

I'm quite indecisive, and to be honest my favourites change on an almost daily basis...I wear the first Day of the Dead girl that I had cut a lot.  I think that is more because I wear a lot of reds and browns though, so she is perfect for most of my outfits!  I am rather smitten with the Cheshire Cat design from the new Wonderland Collection though.  I love that the hoops are cut out and that the clothing that you wear shows through.

Has anyone had your artwork tattooed or are you contemplating one for yourself?

I am fortunate enough to have a few of my designs tattooed on lovely ladies.  It's always a huge compliment and I am always thrilled when I am asked to either design a tattoo or if someone can have one of my illustrations tattooed on their person.  It's the ultimate wearable art. 

I would love to have tattoos, but I am far too indecisive.  I would love a Day of the Dead design on my arm, because this reflects Hungry Designs. But I would like to have the tattoo turn our exactly the same as my illustration and I have never found a tattoo artist that could work in the same way as me.  Tattoos are obviously so permanent and I would have to be 100% happy with the final product and my concern would be that I would look at it and see flaws.  I much prefer piercings - I have 13 and counting!

Who/what inspires you?

I am incredibly inspired by modern American comic book illustrations.  I am a massive collector of comic books and I think it is obvious that I am inspired by them.  I am also inspired by fairy tales, poems and my love of Disney films.  My husband, Colin, inspires me.  He is the first person that I go to when I have a new idea and we speak about the ideas, and it often grows into something quite out of control!  My fans and friends on Facebook inspire me on a daily basis.  I am so grateful for every comment and every piece of feedback I receive.  It's refreshing.  

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy that my art is an accessory.  It's worn, touched and matches outfits and personalities.  It represents the people who wear them and I am always so blown away that people want to WEAR my art.  I love this most about Hungry Designs and am so grateful.  

What do you do in your spare time away from Hungry Designs?

I love watching foreign films.  If I watch a film at home, I am normally answering emails, drawing or doing something Hungry Designs related.  It's really very difficult for me to switch off.  When I watch foreign films, I have to focus on the film, reading the subtitles.  I enjoy that it forces me to switch off.  Hungry Designs is like my child - I don't have any children but know a lot of people who do.  They talk about their children a lot and because Hungry Designs is my child, it's what I talk about.  Everything seems to be about Hungry Designs in some way.  Everything feeds into it.  

I like to bake for the same reason that I enjoy watching foreign films, baking forces me to focus on non-Hungry Designs related things.  The same can be said for reading comic books and painting my nails.  

Most of all I love spending times with Colin and our two guinea pigs.  There's nothing better than sharing my life with someone as special as Colin.  I know that Hungry Designs wouldn't be what it is without Colin.  He's the Wizard, behind the curtain, pulling the cords and pushing the buttons on the beastly machine that is Hungry Designs.  

What’s your favourite travel spot or somewhere you really want to go?

I do love Scotland: Colin and I plan to go back and visit his family and our friends.  Although, if they weren't there we probably wouldn't go back as often.  There are so many places in the world to visit, it seems a shame to visit the same destination over and over.  

Colin has never been to New York and we plan to travel to America in 2013, spending Christmas in Disneyland, Florida and New Year in New York.  

We also want to explore Australia a lot more.  It always seems that when you live in a country, you never explore what is in your back garden, but dream of destinations that are further afield.

If you had a piece of advice for up and coming artists across the globe what would it be?

Be open to change, advice and the world around you.  Find your niche, and themes that haven't been done before - originality is key when building a successful business.  Be good to those around you and embrace other creatives with open arms.  Being a creative is quite solitary work and having creative friends makes things much easier: they encourage you and their honesty will push you to be a better business owner and designer. 

What's next for HD?

We are focused on our homewares range.  We are busy sewing cushions and putting together clocks.  It's exciting for us that Hungry Designs is no longer solely brooches.  I have a new Halloween range coming out in September - I'm insanely excited about this, it's all top secret at the moment!  *grin*

Now that is one inspiring interview! Go out there and be creative. It's wonderful to see how Amanda's brand has evolved from brooches to endless possibilities! 

Amanda has also been kind enough to offer readers a chance to win 3 x $25 vouchers as part of her giveaway :)

To be in the running:
  • Post a comment on her page saying Miss Rockabilly sent you!

It's that easy! Good luck!

Winners will be drawn at the end of August.

Stay tuned for more fantastic interviews and giveaways in the coming months!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cooly Rocks On this Weekend!

This weekend you are in for a fabulous Rockabilly treat if you are in Coolangatta. There will be heaps of stalls, bands and of course hot rods so be sure to check it out! The Cooly Rocks On celebrations kicked off on the 1st and continue until the 11th!
We will be there at the Craft Markets section along Marine Parade on Saturday & Sunday (9th & 10th). Be sure to pop by and say hello! Everything in this section is all handmade by local designers so it’s well worth a look and to support your crafty ones! Lots of new stock I haven’t had time to photograph yet will be there! 

Had a blast last Sunday at Coolangatta for Sundae’s School Pin Up class! I have decided that my hair is seriously too long for victory rolls! But it gives my arms a great work out! Usually when I do them I cheat because I can't reach the end of my hair... one day I will show you a video on how I put this maine up! Everyone had a great time. Looking forward to many more classes!

See you at Cooly Rocks on this weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 It's All Happening!

In the words of Bette Davis - "Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work"

This is exactly what I've been doing lately. I've been trying new ways of crafting and creating. With trial and error I've found the best ways to do things. Without challenges, it would be boring and I'd lose interest.

Miss Rockabilly is slowly evolving. It is my hobby after all and I do have a full time job but in my spare time it's one of my escapes. I love creating gorgeous little pin up girls on hair clips, resin jewellery and focusing on my other hobby! Sometimes I need to sit down and relax and not try to do everything at once. Last week I said 'today is time for me' and what did I do, cleaned the house until 3pm. Somehow I don't think that was 'time for me'.

I do feel I need a holiday or week off to focus more on other crafty elements I want to try. I have many art pieces in the works because I just love drawing and painting but I never seem to complete them in a hurry. That will be my next focus.

In other news, the Mega Sale was a great hit in March and that was followed up in April with the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets. It was a bit of a rainy evening but we were nice and cosy undercover with plenty of shoppers! My table below and Mite Design in the 2nd image. 
Not a week's rest from the BrisStyle markets and I was back in full swing for the Garterbelts and Gasoline Festival on Mount Tamborine over the long weekend in May. This year I thought to give one last pin up comp a go and what a night it was! It is always wonderful to meet such wonderful pinups and support stage staff to make a fantastic night! A couple of pics from the night.
After a big night on stage it was a 6am wake up to do all the pin up hair and makeup once again for the Garterbelts & Gasoline Hot Rod show. Perfect weather and what a crowd! I had such fun and the cars were a delight. But always best to get there early and see the cars before they start heading home around lunch time. My wonderful pin up pal Chi Chi Cheetah and myself at the car show. More pics to come... they are still on the camera!
Thanks to all the lovely fans that stopped by the Miss Rockabilly stall. You will find me next at Cooly Rocks On June 9 & 10 - Coolangatta. Just off Marine Parade. I'm right near the food vendors which may be a bit detrimental to my waistline! Be sure to come say hi from 9am-5pm! 
After Cooly Rocks On there is one more major event Miss Rockabilly will be at in Queensland. Can you guess what it is?

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Ever MEGA Sale

Hi Followers! I know it's been a while since posting. It has been very hectic! There are lots of things happening for Miss Rockabilly this year, new products being crafted all the time and an array of markets coming up this year.

Before all the markets kick off I'm having a MEGA Sale. It's my first sale night for my Facebook fans so pop over tomorrow night at 6:30pm Brisbane time to grab a bargain. I'm not having another mega sale until probably the end of the year at this stage.