Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I Made my Mini Sailor Hat!

Hi Everyone. Here is a little detail on how to create a sailor hat like the one I have just listed on Etsy. Unfortunately I didn't do the step by step imagery so you will just have to follow my descriptions until I make another.
1. The first thing I did was get my hands on some great Millinery Ivory felt and cut half off it up to the size I wanted to mould.
2. Then I found a small shaped object and moulded the felt to it's shape.
3. Then I had Carol's help from Gorgie Millinery with the stiffening of the hat so it held it's nice rounded shape
4. The next step was to wire the brim of the hat and add ribbon as well.
5. Once the hat had it's shape I then moved on to making a separate anchor hair clip that attaches to the hat. Just for something unique and versatile. Go all out with the hat or go understated nautical with the anchor bow.
The anchor buttons I had made especially from Voodoo Rabbit
6. To make the hat sit in your hair I have sewn on a silver comb to one side of the hat under the rim. Since the rim of the hat can be bent to the desired shape you can put the anchor ribbon anywhere you like to suit how you want to wear it on your head.

I hope you like my latest creation!


  1. You weren't afraid to venture into the unchartered waters of millinery and blocking and what a cute little sailor hat you have produced :)

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