Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Collective Store - Everything modern retail chains are missing!

Where and Who are they?
The Collective Store is located in Wynnum, Queensland. They are a handmade boutique store filled to the brim with handmade and unique Australian products.

What makes The Collective Store stand out?

Simply put - great customer service, products that radiate love and owners with a passion for what they do.

How often have you walked into a retail store, couldn't find the staff to ask a question and when you did they were rude and put out that you even found them. This is something I have found that many retail stores and chains are really lacking - great service and passion for what they do. Which is why so many shoppers hate going out, dealing with bad service and not finding what they want.

Outlets like The Collective Store are different and there is a reason for it. I cherish when I walk into a store filled with love - from the products being sold down to the people that work there. You feel welcome and at home as soon as you set foot inside and could browse the endless range of unique products for hours. This is exactly what The Collective Store has created. 

How did it all start?
Leonie McIntosh is the owner and creative mind behind The Collective Store. 

“As a hobbyist silversmith I had found it almost impossible to make my craft even a tiny bit profitable. Galleries and boutiques charge too much commission, markets can either be too expensive when you sign up for designer markets or depressing when you are competing with stallholders who deal in imported, inferior products but who seem to be making money hand-over-fist. Online selling is difficult for jewellery because it’s such a tactile product; it really needs to be seen first-hand to be judged for weight, size, texture and quality”

This is how The Collective Store came into fruition.

It's “a marketplace for high-quality products handmade in Australia. I envisioned a community of independent artists, crafters and designers bringing beautiful handmade products to the general public by way of a fresh, fun, co-operative wrapped in a gorgeous little boutique – a shopping oasis!”

You can also have a look on their website – and check out the monthly featured sellers. There are so many talented art and crafters that deserve to be recognised.

How do I get some gorgeous handmade products?!?
Head to their store in Wynnum and check out all the goodies or on their facebook page!

Bid on the latest auction for your chance to get hold of a $100 voucher from The Collective Store generously donated by Leonie! All of the money raised from bidding goes direct to the Cancer Council. This auction closes tomorrow at midnight so be quick! It is a fantastic cause so dig deep. Wonderful sponsors have been kind enough to donate their wares and services to make this possible!

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