Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garterbelts and Gasoline Festival 2011

Finally. I managed to get some photos off the camera from the Garterbelts and Gasoline festival on Mount Tamborine the other weekend. I also got to model my first Miss Rockabilly clothing creation - Cherry Print Skirt with red satin bow.

Pity the petticoat underneath kept slipping. I must invest in a fluffier high quality one. If anyone knows of good quality petticoat suppliers please let me know! It might become like a handbag and shoe obessesion - one of every colour!


  1. Great pics, what else did you get up to? I couldn't get down to the showgrounds, we were too busy in the shop ;(

  2. I always wanted a pink petticoat. Like Cyndi Lauper (kind of).

    Your outfit is amazing. ^_^

  3. Thanks Sue and Celia. I only managed to wander around the grounds for some of the hot rod show. It was disapointing that when we got there half the cars had already left :( I'll have to pop back in the shop again soon! Making stock for the BrisStyle Twilight Markets end of this month.

    Thanks Meg! Yeah the really fluffy ones look great under a full circle skirt :)

  4. I hope you got paid to make those cars look a million dollars coz that's how you look my darling girl. I adore your skirt - perfection plus!! xoxo