Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Crafty... as always!

So my resin journey begins... After my much loved course in Brisbane, I won't be able to stop! I have even ordered more colours and casts just so I have more range.

Here is how I am going at the moment.... My creative mess! As you can see there are feathers and resin everywhere.

Resin Bangles - Green sparkle, Nude and Pink Chunks, True Blood, Blue Purple swirl, Pink Sparkle
Resin Swallows - Red being turned into a bracelet and blue into a ring! What else should these guys be transformed into?
The messy craft space! Trying to manage Noogal Creations at the same time!
The best thing about Easter - more time to craft. So once I'm home I will get cracking on more designs! Working full time makes it so hard to be creative!


  1. Hmm, doesn't look that messy to me! can't wait to see what you come up with, maybe we can get your lovely items up at our shop one day.xx.

  2. I've always wanted to learn to make stuff with resin- I'm jealous! I love your bangles.

  3. Thank You Celia and Sue! Hopefully over this easter break I can make more stock! Would love to be in your shop it's without a doubt my favourite place and local too!! :)

    Meg you would love resin it is so much fun! Very addictive if you love making new colours. Thanks for the compliments. New bangle styles coming soon too!

  4. Oh heck I love resin and can't wait to see what ends up in your shop - these are all so incredibly beautiful - the colours!!
    I gave you a couple of awards:)) http://pullyoursoxup.blogspot.com/2011/04/oh-you-guys.html
    Hope you have a very fruitful Easter! xoxo

  5. Thanks Desiree! And for the blog posts :) Your photos are fantastic. Hope the break treated you well too!